Our standard: The most individual machine configuration
Our ModularDESIGN+ priciple guarantees you the optimum configuration of your screen at any time. This makes it very easy to adapt, even in the future. We also offer you many clever options in terms of machine monitoring and maintenance. A small selection can be found here:


Vibratory machine monitoring 4.0
Now also as app

With the SPALECK Connect technology you always have the performance details of your vibratory machine in view. In real time and on your smartphone if desired. This ensures optimum performance and protects against machine failures.


Central Lubrication Facility

Effective protection against bearing damage

Make things easier for yourself
With our SPALECK LubricationCONTROL central lubrication unit, your screening machine bearings are always optimally lubricated. Moreover, the closed system protects against damaging impurities in the bearing frim incorrect greasing.


Air suspension

to the isolation frame

Optionally for shifting vibratory machines by means of steel springs or rubber buffers with isolation frames, we offer you the direct shifting to the SPALECK SmartSUSPENSION air suspension system.


Flip-Flow Cassette

Simply even less effort for cleaning

Your material is particularly sticky and caking? Fine! With our patented easily retrofitted Flip-Flow cassette, your screening layers will still stay clean!

Side wall sealing

With our unique exchange system you have the choice

The new SPALECK FineSideCOVER is the first system in which you can flexibly change the side wall end of your Flip-Flow screen surface.


Double-shaft drive

Maximum performance

Depending on the material to be screened, the task and the machine size, it may be necessary to work with a double-shaft drive. The SPALECK TwinSHAFT concept guarantees you maximum performance for an optimal screening process.


One deck. Countless possibilities.

With our MultiZONE Deck, thanks to the split push rod and optional step on only one deck, several screening areas are available to you. This allows you to easily control the screen quality and adapt your screening machine to a wide variety of screen materials with maximum flexibility.

Andreas Ahler | Managing Director

Our screening machines are like US:

We build them with much experience and care and make sure that they are user-friendly and easy to operate and maintain right from the design stage.

Changing the screen mats?
Very simple!

Thousands of screening elements:
Each one a screening professional!

Best screening results.
With our advice guaranteed.

Some call it vertical integration.
We call it advantage.

Did you know that as a machine manufacturer with almost 150 years of experience we have a vertical range of manufacture of well over 90%?We use our own in-house metal processing and CNC parts productionfor the construction of your SPALECK screening machine.
And also with the remaining 10% we pay strict attention to a maximum of quality and functionality.

MADE IN GERMANY. Since 1869.