‘You start the ActiveFEED and you forget about it, because it continuously delivers the desired amount of material to our three XRF sorters fully automatically. And the manufacturer of the sorters also confirmed to us: ‘By integrating the ActiveFEED, you are now at the next level of sorting.’ Michael Skoglund and Lars Dahlstedt, experts in sensor sorting at the Swedish recycling company Stena, share this experience after taking their sensor sorting to a whole new level of performance with the help of the SPALECK ActiveFEED.

Frederik Stening

Frederik Stening

Co-developer of the ActiveFEED

The new benchmark for material feeding

Together with our customers, we are constantly developing solutions
which bring new top performances for the recycling industry. Like the
ActiveCLEAN conveyor channel for slag processing.

In terms of material feed for sorting equipment and recycling lines, this is now the SPALECK ActiveFEED. As the name suggests, this new feeding hopper
guarantees a permanently optimised supply of material to your screening machines and sorting equipment.

ActiveFEED means maximum operating convenience and the best possible
output due to uniform material feed – even with different changing materials.

Thanks to the independent regulation of the ActiveFEED feeding unit
the material feed becomes a performance guarantor compared to conventional
the performance of your system compared to conventional feed hoppers.


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Why standard infeed units quickly reach their limits

The challenge: A strong recycling rate

The yield of your sorting equipment is extremely dependent on the experience of your wheel loader operator. If he gives up too much material, you lose money by overloading the sorting equipment. If, on the other hand, he loads too little material, the high-tech sorting equipment is not profitable.
Unfortunately, the ideal situation in the form of an optimum feed and processing quantity for the downstream units is rarely achieved.

SPALECK ActiveFEED is simply better

The solution: An intelligent material feed

Think of your material feed in a new and performance-optimised way. The standard feed hopper must not become the bottleneck of the overall plant’s performance. The solution to this widespread problem is our new SPALECK ActiveFEED feeding device. The ActiveFEED feed hopper controls the material independently and controls the material feed in order to achieve your pre-defined recycling targets defined by you.

SPALECK ActiveFeed feeding hopper

The ACTIVE FEED operating principle

The special feature of the SPALECK ActiveFEED: It independently monitors the desired discharge rate and automatically adjusts the oscillation parameters of the feed hopper. This means that even with changing fill levels in the hopper, the discharge rate is almost constant.


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Expert opinion on the SPALECK ActiveFEED

Video: ActiveFEED in use

Due to its automatic adjustment of the inclination, the unbalance of the feed hopper or, for example, the material behaviour, the ActiveFEED regulates the output quantity to subsequent sorting devices ALWAYS OPTIMAL.

The best reason to use an ActiveFEED?

It pays for itself!

Recycling protects the environment. At the same time, it must be economical.
Our ActiveFEED technology serves both purposes. Thanks to an optimised throughput on your sorting equipment, the ActiveFEED pays for itself very quickly & noticeably. Use our SPALECK TestCenter and test your material.

SPALECK ActiveFEED guarantees an optimal output

Advantages of the SPALECK activefeed technology

  • Independent regulation of the material delivery by the
    ActiveFEED feed hopper
  • Simple & precise definition of the delivery quantity for the
    downstream machinery
  • Optimises the material feed and thus the overall profit
    of the recycling process
  • Prevents costly over- and under-utilisation of sorting equipment
  • Automatic settings for optimal discharge rates
    even with different & difficult materials
  • Optimised throughput on sorters due to
    uniform material feed
  • Fast payback due to optimal throughput
    and recovery rate
  • Elimination of time-consuming follow-up checks by employees
SPALECK ActiveFeed feeding unit

Optimum feed performance thanks to ActiveFEED

Automatically fulfilling the optimum feed quantity

The ActiveFEED automatically detects the fill level of the feed hopper and thus prevents overflowing of the material, making the filling of your recycling line becomes child’s play.

Best results – completely automatically!

Optimum discharge performance thanks to optimum material feed

A major advantage of the ActiveFEED is its self-optimising discharge performance. Define the target and your ActiveFEED reliably achieves it. Especially with changingthe ActiveFEED automatically adjusts the discharge rate optimally and automatically. So you always achieve the best recycling rates
(left in the picture a standard feed hopper, right with SPALECK
ActiveFEED technology).

SPALECK ActiveFeed feed hopper
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Tom Willing | Team Lead Spare Parts
Andreas Ahler | Managing Director

In good company:
Material task for market leader

Users of the SPALECK ActiveFEED are among the market leaders in their segment. You too can trust the performance principle of the SPALECK ActiveFEED.