from one source

Thanks to our interlinked technology of slide grinding, hand polishing and electroplating, we are in the position to create galvanize-compatible surface qualities that are characterized by a very high gloss level and an outstanding surface quality after the galvanic coating.

Small parts in large quantities

Quality with efficiency

Mainly small parts in large quantities are suitable for the galvanic coating in our automatic frame galvanization. The batch sizes start at 1,000 pieces onwards.
The goods carrier size is 1.2 meters wide and 1 meter high. The following base materials can be refined:

Die-cast zinc, Brass, Steel, Sintering material

For decorative surfaces

Our process

  • Copper-plating
  • Nickel-plating (bright nickel, matt nickel and decorative aluminum)
  • Chrome-plating (bright chrome, matt chrome and decorative aluminum)
  • Gold-plating (bright gold, matt gold and decorative aluminum)
  • Small parts in bright nickel and bright gold as barrel plating
Qualitätszulieferer für Galvanisieren und Gleischleifen

Reproducibility: 100 %

With us, the one part is just like the other. Even after years.

All electroplating technologies are stored part and customer-specific so that a complete reproducibility of the production results can be guaranteed at any time. The respective processing parameters are documented for each batch produced.