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Supplier for robotic welding

For our customers we produce welding assemblies with the welding robot in optimal welding quality – of course MADE IN GERMANY.

As your No. 1 supplier for fully automatic welding, we manufacture for you around the clock 24/7.

We offer you many additional services

Request your personal quotation today – and take advantage of our expert consulting services for all aspects of automatic welding using welding robots.



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What is robot welding?

Video: Automatic welding briefly explained

Robot welding is the automatic welding with the help of a welding robot. The welding robot takes over the production, i.e. the welding of welding components or entire welding assemblies.

High quality requirements also for robot welding

Manufacturing know-how from the professional

The welding process in robotic welding is also subject to the relevant standards. These must be complied with in robot welding. In order to achieve the best possible welding result, the welding equipment and sensor technology of the welding robot is put together by our experienced design mechanics and welding engineers depending on the component requirements.

SPALECK is your supplier for robot welding

Advantages of robotic welding with welding robots

  • High welding speed
  • Very precise welds
  • Simple and at the same time very precise reproducibility of components
  • High efficiency thanks to automation of welding
  • Suitable for simple and complex welded assemblies
  • for small, medium and large series
  • Minimized welding distortion
  • Health protection for employees
  • No welding under forced positions
  • Computer-aided quality monitoring
  • Optimum cooperation between man and machine
Example for automatic robot welding by SPALECK

Efficient component welding with welding robots

Our experts weld your workpiece

Robotic welding is also referred to as automatic welding. In this process, the welding process is planned and implemented by a skilled worker. The employee teaches the robot how and what to weld. This is done as part of a component programming process. The operator of the welding robot ensures that the welding assembly is welded in a technically excellent and process-optimized manner.

Welding robot with changing system

High efficiency in robotic welding

One of the advantages of robotic welding is the high degree of automation of the welding process. While the welding robot is welding the component, the next workpiece can already be prepared. The finished welded part is then replaced by the part still to be welded using the robot’s changing system.

Automatic robot welding by SPALECK

In good company:
Aautomatic robot welding of market-leading parts

Our customers include market leaders from all major industrial sectors. For them, we manufacture high-quality welding assemblies with welding robots.

You too can trust the manufacturing expertise and service of SPALECK.

We look forward to exchanging ideas about robot welding with you!

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