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CNC large parts of the best quality

Our customers look for a reliable, quick and economical partner for the contract processing of your CNC parts and large turned parts. We are mechanical engineers since five generations and dispose over decades of supplier experience.

You also benefit from this production competence in contract processing when turning, milling and drilling. On-time delivery, the highest production quality an a competent and friendly service make our SPALECK team to the number one contact partner for your CNC large part processing.

Our production competence

We fulfill the highest demands

The processing of large CNC turned parts and milled parts place high demands on your supplier.

As despite the size of the CNC workpiece, the precision must not suffer when processing this. Rather, the later intended purpose of the CNC parts such as in wind power stations or in shipbuilding have particular quality requirements.

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Precise, more precise, SPALECK

CNC large parts from professionals

For our customers, in the machining we produce prototypes, individual pieces as well as small and medium series that have a high content on CNC turning, milling and drilling work. In order to also be able to offer this service for large CNC workpieces, we have a highly modern machinery park of CNC machines and machining centers. Highly educated employees and a proven QA system, including 3D measurement of CNC parts is our competent offer to you.

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CNC production of large parts

Competence from one source

Many suppliers and contract manufacturers are able to produce small standard CNC parts, but have to pass when it comes to manufacturing large parts. SPALECK is your supplier that can manage both. Our modern machinery park of CNC controlled machines and machining centers is especially designed also to mill, turn and machine very large workpieces. This makes SPALECK to one of the leading suppliers for mechanically processed large parts.

We score with precision

With CNC parts,
the efficiency
and your delivery schedule

Efficiency in the CNC supply is determined by three fundamental factors: Experience with CNC manufacturing, modernity of the CNC machining centers as well as the flexibility of your CNC supplier.
SPALECK achieves maximum values for all three factors.