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Economic wonder:

UNSURPASSED EFFICIENCY, even before the first day

With the 3D Combi, you invest in efficiency. Thanks to this 2 in 1 solution, you save money, steel construction and space. After the installation, the 3D Combi convinced with excellent, constant screening results and a convincing high-performance.

THE top performer for your entire system

3D Combi get the maximum
from your recycling line

Screening technology does not only have to function optimally.
It must also carry out all of the work for the downstream processing steps when recycling – just like your new SPALECK 3D Combi.


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Up to five screening fractions

Clean separation cuts –
optimal for your further processing

High-performance and absolutely reliable high-tech for screening developed and produced for our customers.
The SPALECK 3D Combi screening machine is the benchmark worldwide for profitable processing and recycling.


Classification of difficult to sieve, sticky and moist
materials for separation cuts from approx. 0.2 to 120 mm.


Recycling materials of any kind, such as
MV slag, shredder light-weight fraction, shredder heavy fraction,
scrap metal, electronic scrap, mixed construction site waste,
household, commercial, bulky waste, compost,
plastic fractions, biomass, …


The version combination ensures an optimum loosening and circulation of the product on the upper deck. Even coarse grained material can be screened on a screening machine with Flip-Flow screening deck.
The cascade shaped screen deck arranged above the Flip-Flow screen deck with 3D screening segments protects and relieves the Flip-Flow screen mats. Their service life is increased and guarantees optimum screening results.
The 3D screening segments with maximum open screening surface are quick and easy to change thanks to the modular design. The screen material of the Flip-Flow screen deck are secured without screws and without disturbing edges. This permits a quick change of the screen mats and an optimum product flow on the screening elements.
This vibrating screen machine is carried out as a circular vibrating screen and is driven by an imbalance shaft drive with standard three-phase AC motor.
The sub-frame compensates the residual vibrations of the screen.
The stationary cover or the alternative cover that also vibrates can be opened without using tools and ensures simple as well as quick access to the screening segments.

  • Nearly blockage-free screening in the upper and lower
    deck thanks to tried and tested 3D and Flip-Flow technology.
  • The 3D screening segments guarantee correct grain size
    with no long pieces or extraneous material for the tension
    shaft screen on the lower deck.
  • The Flip-Flow screen with screwless mounted screen mats
    avoids unnecessary cleaning.
  • This combination of 2 system solutions in 1 machine enables
    you to make enormous savings on conveying equipment,
    steel structures and space.

Spaleck 3D-COMBI




Christian Lake
Christian Lake | Sales Manager
Thomas Harres
Thomas Harres | Technical Sales
Hermann Kahle | Sales Manager Asia
Marc Steffen
Marc Steffen | Technical Sales
Marcel van Reimersdahl
Marcel van Reimersdahl | Technical Sales
Markus Döbbelt
Markus Döbbelt | Technical Sales
Martin hruson
Martin Hurson | Technical Sales
Rene Theissen
René Theissen | Technical Sales
Frederik Stening | Manager Application Technology
Niklas Lohscheller | Technical Manager After sales
Jens Arends
Jens Arends | Sales manager | Spare parts
Andreas Ahler
Andreas Ahler | Managing Director

Our Flip-Flow
screening technology WORLD-CLASS

Developed and built to
screen economically

Worldwide, SPALECK Flip-Flow screens set the benchmark for efficiency, reliability and effectiveness.

Mobile screening technology
of the finest art

SPALECK, the heart of leading mobile screening systems world-wide

Separation with experience. When screening, Terex Finlay and Powerscreen, leading international suppliers of mobile recycling technology use the SPALECK Flip-Flow screen technology.


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Our standard: the most individual machine configuration
Our ModularDESIGN+ principle guarantees you the most optimum configuration of your screen. Moreover, it is a child’s play to adopt it in the future.

Frederik Stening | Manager Application Technology