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Useful features

Wet screening materials are difficult to process. A very efficient equipment for this are the SPALECK dewatering screens. With them you can dry your screening material very economically. Optionally you can get them with sprinkling systems for cleaning the material respectively the screening panels or with variable inclination and gradient settings for adjusting the degree of drainage.

Perfect screening of moist materials

Reliable in operation

No matter whether it is recycling of slag, coal, construction and industrial waste or, for example, biomass: SPALECK dewatering screens do a good job and simplify further processing through efficient drying.

dewatering vibrating screen
dewatering screen stainless steel

We also produce screening machines in stainless steel

Dewatering screens for chemical and food industry

The areas of application of our dewatering screens are as numerous as the Screening materials of our customers. Please contact us. We would be pleased to advise you on the dewatering and drying of your material.

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The SPALECK ModularDESIGN+ Concept

We build YOUR machine. The same is true for our dewatering screening machines & equipment, they are optimally tailored to your industry and your moist materials. This is the only way to achieve the best results in processing and drying your screening materials.

SPALECK Modular Design +

Advantages & Benefits of Dewatering Screens

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