for your processing

Extremely powerful and mobile

Trimmed uncompromisingly to performance:
worldwide, mobile screening machines with SPALECK technology belong to the most efficient screening machines and guarantee brilliant results.

Terex Finlay 883+ SPALECK

The best of mobile
screening technology

We design our screening machines so that you can use it to recycle optimally and earn money. Our recycling waste screens also offer you the greatest possible open screen surfaces. In this way, you achieve the highest screening performance with maximum screening quality.

Flip-Flow cassette
in the upper deck

Simply even less effort for cleaning

Your material is particularly sticky and caking? Fine! With our patented easily retrofitted Flip-Flow cassette, your screening layers will still stay clean!


Screening of difficult, sticky or wet materials
with separation cuts of approx. 0.2 to 120 mm.


Any type of recycling materials such as, for example
combustion slag, light and heavy shredder fractions,
metal scrap, electric scrap, building rubble,
domestic, industrial and bulky waste, compost,
plastic fractions, biomass, etc.


The heart of the mobile system is the SPALECK 3D Combi Flip-Flow screen. This combined model guarantees that the screening material on the top deck is loosened and turned optimally. On screening machines with Flip-Flow screen deck, a coarse grain material can also be screened.

The screen deck mounted above the Flip-Flow screen deck which forms a cascade together with 3D screen segments protects by reducing the loads of the Flip-Flow screen mats. This increases their service life and guarantees optimum screening results. The 3D screening segments with maximum open screening surface
are quick and easy to convert thanks to the modular design.

The screen mats of the Flip-Flow screens are secured without using screws and do not have any edges that may cause problems. As a result, the screen mats can be converted quickly which allows an optimum product flow.


  • An almost no blockage screening in the to and bottom deck thanks to tried and tested 3D and Flip-Flow technology.
  • The 3D screening segments guarantee a long part free graining in the matching size and without interfering substances for the Flip-Flow screen located in the lower deck, thus precise screening.
  • The Flip-Flow screen with screen mats mounted without
    screws avoids unnecessary cleaning work and reduces
    the maintenance time.
  • The screen box can be lifted 500 mm hydraulically
    in order to make changing the screens easier.




Screening of wood

Processing of scrap metal

Screening of scrap metal


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