Industrial water treatment


In many industrial companies clean water is used for the production of goods and commodities. In the course of the production process the water is often heavily polluted. This is bad for the environment and causes high disposal costs for the industrial company. In addition, indirect costs are incurred for the environment and our society. Therefore it is important to treat the dirty process water professionally and at the same time economically. In practice, however, the treatment of dirty process water is often complicated and cost-intensive for companies. At the same time, companies are obliged to comply with the official requirements for the discharge of dirty water into the sewerage system. Modern water treatment concepts offer practicable solutions here. With the right process and the appropriate treatment technology, every company is able to carry out professional wastewater treatment itself. When purifying the waste water, the company can not only treat very dirty water, but at the same time reduce its costs for water treatment considerably.

Elektrokoagulationsanlagen der SPALECK Gruppe

Electrocoagulation for process water treatment

Recovering water from wastewater

For whom is industrial waste water treatment suitable?

Water is an important resource in many branches and industries. Examples are

  • the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • the textile industry and textile processing companies
  • Power plants and energy producers
  • Electroplating plants and the metal industry
  • Recycling companies and scrap yards
  • Sand and gravel producers and cement plants
  • sewage treatment plants

In the course of the production process, clean water is often heavily polluted here. Polluting substances such as paints, varnishes and heavy metals must then be effectively removed from the dirty water. The aim is to treat the water in an environmentally friendly way. Industrial waste water treatment is therefore suitable for any company that causes polluted water in production. For this purpose, there are solutions tailored to the company, with which the process water can be cleaned simply and efficiently at the same time.

Complete purification of your waste water

Filtration results according to legal requirements

Membrane plants for waste water

From testing to perfect wastewater treatment

The advantages of professional wastewater treatment are obvious: By using waste water plants you profit from many advantages. These include:

  • The process water can be reused and recycled for production
  • The legal requirements for water treatment are reliably met and exceeded in terms of the environment
  • There is a considerable cost saving compared to the disposal or only semi-professional treatment of your waste water
  • You receive a waste water treatment system individually tailored to your company
  • This has already proven to be best practice in your industry
  • You can purify your wastewater without chemicals, cost-saving and energy-efficient

Process water treatment:
Our analysis results. Simply convincing.

Clean water analysis results that speak for themselves

With our waste water treatment plants we turn your waste water into cleanest pure water again:

  • Cd (mg/l)       5,5             < 0,05              99%
  • Ar (ug/l)         4,9                0,5                89%
  • Cr (ug/l)         62               < 0,5               99%
  • Cu (ug/l)     22000                25               99%
  • Zn (mg/l)       9,4                0,03               99%
  • Pb (mg/l)     220                 0,44               99%

The different methods of industrial wastewater treatment

We offer you customized solutions and processes for industrieal water treatment. These are completely geared to your operational requirements and general conditions. All our processes serve not only to your company, but also the environment. Become part of a sustainable economy now with our water treatment solutions.

We offer you the following processes:


Typical applications industrial water treatment

  • Electroplating industry
  • Paper and metal industry and related sectors
  • Textile industry
  •  Paint and coatings industry and all other ink-based processes
  •  Container and tank cleaning companies
  •  Your industry
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