SPALECK recertified according to §62 AwSV

Compliance with the Water Resources Act

Unsere SPALECK-Mitarbeiter Pascal, Christian und Nithin freuen sich, als Fachbetrieb nach § 62 AwSV zertifiziert zu sein.

Water-polluting substances and their effects

Every one of us is familiar with water-polluting substances in a professional or private context. These include e.g. oils, fuels or solvents. These are substances which, due to their chemical, physical or toxicological properties, can permanently or significantly impair the quality of water.

Water Resources Act: Relevance for SPALECK and you as a customer

For our SPALECK Group, the handling of such water-polluting substances is of great relevance especially for two of our customer groups: Firstly, in our day-to-day business as a contract manufacturer and supplier for metal processing and machining, and secondly, as a plant manufacturer and solution provider for industrial wastewater treatment.

Direct benefit for your projects

Our employee Pascal, internal contact person for the topic of the Water Resources Act in the area of metal processing, says: “As a specialised company, it is our responsibility to implement customer projects and products in such a way that no potential water hazards arise. Here we are talking about the manufacture of products such as tanks, pressure vessels or even piping in plant and machine construction.”

Christian, industrial water treatment engineer at SPALECK Wassertechnik, adds: “When designing and building water treatment plants, the focus is on process safety and water protection. Our goal is to ensure that no substances hazardous to water are released into the environment and that water treatment is carried out economically at the same time. From a process point of view, this includes, for example, the careful dimensioning of catch basins and the precise dosing of substances for water treatment.”

Our colleague Nithin, who has accompanied the certifications at SPALECK as quality management officer, adds: “It’s all about expertise, precise work processes and the conscientious implementation of water protection requirements. For me as QMO, it is extremely positive to see that my colleagues at SPALECK take the idea of environmental protection very seriously and that we pull together for our customers.”

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