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Application areas

Preparation of process water

Processing of landfill leachate

Seawater desalination

Cleaning of circulating water

Food processing industry (milk processing, beer filling, production of essences)


Prevention of the precipitation of low-soluble alkaline earth salts and other soiling

Very low application quantities (0.05%)

Operating time of the membranes increased significantly between cleaning

Water treatment

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Raw water, drinking water, circulating water and waste water treatment

Other applications:

Separation of oils or grease in dispersed form,
suspended solids, heavy metals and
heavy metals in complex combinations, biocide for stabilizing the water circuits


Flocculant on the basis of starch as replacement for synthetic products based on acrylamide.

High concentrated dispensing solution (up to 5%), low water requirement, easy to mix with water, no maturing time and release techniques necessary.

Precipitating agent on the basis of tannin for purification of fluids.

Ph neutral, reduced amount of waste, good purification results.

Odor binder

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Paper industry (preservation of material and water cycles)

Exhaust air (nebulization or addition in the exhaust air washing system)

Composting systems (nebulization)

Sewage treatment plants (nebulization or addition)

Garbage dumps (spraying of the rotting)


Our odor binders are on the basis of natural products and biologically degradable up to 0.01%. They eliminate rotting, decaying odor and bind malodorous hydrogen sulfide odor.