It is that simple to find the best processing media

Achieve the best surfaces cost-effectively

Together with you, we choose the most optimum processing media when slide grinding for your application. Our NovoChem range of quality slide grinding and polishing media, compounds, separating agents (THM), powders and pastes are available for this purpose.

Success plan for your slide grinding

With optimum concept for high-quality surfaces

Together with you, we would be pleased to develop a processing concept that matches your slide grinding process.
This does not only include the composition of the optimum grinding and polishing agent, but also the processing of samples and documentation of your slide grinding application.

This allows you to achieve constant consistent results when slide grinding that absolutely convince.


Dennis Rexwinkel | Slide Grinding Technology

Sebastian Hüsken | Technical Sales

Dirk Dünnewald | Managing Director


Slid grinding compounds

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Use our NovoChem compounds
for your wet processing in slide grinding machines

By adding the NovoChem compounds in a wet process, depending on the application, you achieve clean, brightened and corrosion-free workpieces during slide grinding.


In doing so, our compounds are optimally matched to your workpieces when slide grinding.

Depending on the workpiece material, in the slide grinding process, compounds are used for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, brass or, for example, zamac.

NovoChem compounds are therefore suitable for all applications and materials during slide grinding such as, for example, descaling, pickling, degreasing, deburring, coarse grinding, fine grinding, smoothening, shining and polishing.

You can select the matching compounds depending on the slide grinding process

> Compounds for flow processing

> Compounds for recirculating of process fluids

> Solid matter compounds (powder form, crystalline, pasty)

Grinding media and polishing media

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Plastic grinding media

Plastic grinding media for slide grinding are characterized by a protective grinding pattern and that it does not splinter. These plastic grinding media are predominantly used for slide grinding and the surface finishing of soft metals such as, e.g. aluminum or zinc as, in contrast to ceramic grinding media, they do not clog here during processing.


Ceramic grinding media

Ceramic grinding media is characterized by its low procurement price, a high bulk weight and a stronger grinding effect when slide grinding. However, splintering may occur due to the material. Frequently used for steel or steels with high alloys.


Steel polishing media

Steel polishing media can be used to polish and, due to their high own weight, can also be used for pressure deburring. They are almost wear-free and are relatively high priced when procuring due to the material.
Available in ball, satellite shapes, as material you can choose between steel and stainless steel.


Polishing media

Polishing media for slide grinding are also manufactured from ceramic, generally from porcelain. They are not provided with grinding agent, have a very low wear and generate a smooth and brilliant surface in the slide grinding process.

Natural granulates

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NovoChem natural granulates are used for drying or polishing in the slide grinding process.

We offer our natural granulates on the basis of corn cob or walnut grit.

Waste water cleaning agent for treating
your slide grinding waste water


Environmentally friendly and economical: Your NovoChem slide grinding water treatment

Next to the optimum slide grinding technology and the corresponding processing media, we are also your competent contact partner concerning water treatment and water treatment of slide grinding water.

Our range of products here include

Flocculants for precipitation and flocculation
Cleaning agent for process water care
Additives (ph-value regulator, complex splitting agents, etc.)

Our quality guarantee

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