Quick and gentle

Ra values< 0,1

The roughness values of the surfaces are reduced extremely; Ra values of < 0.05 can be achieved depending on the initial roughness. In doing so, the workpieces keep their shape and tolerances as the edges are not rounded disproportionate compared with the surfaces as with standard processes using abrasive grinding media.

The process

Quick surface smoothening without edge burring

The principle of the procedure is a chemical reaction on the surface by a special biocide compound. A thin oxide layer forms that is continuously removed by the grinding media only at the peaks of the surface. A permanent development and removal of the oxide layer takes place until the desired smoothing of the surface is achieved. In further steps, this is neutralized by a neutral compoundthat removes the remaining of the oxide layer and, depending on the requirement and material, is polished until high-gloss.


Dennis Rexwinkel | Slide Grinding Technology

Sebastian Hüsken | Technical Sales

Dirk Dünnewald | Managing Director