Christel Sevink | Internal Sales

Sebastian Hüsken | Technical Sales

Dennis Rexwinkel | Slide Grinding Technology

Christian Gerner | Process Engineering

Michal Lukaszewicz | Service Environment Engineering

Dirk Dünnewald | Managing Director

Slide grinding technology
from one source

We supply know-how,
machines and processing media from our own production

Being a specialist for slide grinding technology, we offer you a high-performance package for your surface finishing.


Cleaning agent for membrane systems and filtration system

For micro, nano and ultra-filtration as well as reverse osmosis

The recipes of our NovoChem membrane cleaning agent are elementary for a successful and economical cleaning of contaminated membrane systems.


Our processing media for watery parts cleaning

Environmentally friendly and powerful

Multi-metal capable cleaner concentrate for spraying, immersing or ultrasonic systems for residue-free removal, even of stubborn soiling within the shortest time.


Water treatment

Resource-conserving and economical

For the processing of water circuits and for fighting odors, we develop and produce flocculant, defoamer, antiscalant and odor binding agent.


Sustainable know-how
with top service

A member of the SPALECK Group