DIN EN 15085-2
Level CL 1

SPALECK is a certified specialist company for the manufacture of highly safety-relevant CL1 components for rail vehicles.

As a quality supplier, we take over the construction, conversion and maintenance of rail vehicles and their components for you.

CL1 is the highest certification level of DIN EN 15085-2 “Railway application – Welding of rail vehicles and parts, Part 2: Quality requirements and certification of welding.”

High-quality CL1 components and welded assemblies

MADE IN GERMANY since 1869

SPALECK is a supplier to the rail vehicle industry. With the utmost care and almost 150 years of manufacturing expertise, we produce components for our rail vehicle customers for the construction, conversion and maintenance of rail vehicles.

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Certified according to
and CL2 of DIN EN 15085-2

Perfect quality to
economic terms

We are your No. 1 supplier for rail vehicle parts and railway technology.

With our high-performance sheet metal working department and our unit for mechanically machined precision parts we are your system supplier.

NONSTOP to you.

Save yourself the coordination effort.

With 150 years of experience as a machine builder and supplier, we know the business of our customers.

Rely on the proven SPALECK service.

Frank Kormann | Sales Manager

Dennis Selting | Technical Sales

Mathias Brandt | Technical Sales

Vincenz ven der Buss | Technical Sales

Christian Schleif | Head of Department